Self Love Dance

Coproduction Femmesprod.

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“What could happen to us if one day the women say they are all satisfied with their own body?”

The self love dance:

Self Love Dance wants to be a space without diktats or laws.
A space where one reclaims one’s body through movement and dance.
Our first home is our body.

This tendency to constantly refuse to accept causes women (and not only) to flee, not to know themselves and consequently not to appreciate themselves (even in the woman-woman relationship). Self Love Dance challenges the very concept of beauty – a concept to which dance has been subjected since birth (you have to have a body in a certain way to be able to dance). He also questions this unhealthy equation: beauty = having access to love. Educate the viewer to appreciate other shapes, other bodies. I am convinced that the beauty of a moving body does not go through its compliance with the standards of beauty to which society has accustomed us. On the contrary I believe that the dance must open on a free-zone where the bodies are allowed to exist in their plenitude, with their defaults

Genesis :

Self love dance is a project that was born from the desire of Swiss-born artist and choreographer Simona Soledad, to deconstruct and overcome (through dance and movement) the different obstacles that prevent women from doing well. to feel in their skin. The project was initially designed for a small group of Latin American dancers (Cuba) and then re-adapted for a larger group in Europe. (Brussels with the co-production of FemmeProd)

What we defend:

Self Love Dance is the project where I decided to take charge of the “disasters” of the image society (for “society of the image” I refer to the society that looks at women’s bodies as a good to exchange, to consume, to buy … a society that spreads messages of “beauty and perfection at any cost”, a society that has helped to develop forms of discrimination that are true phobias (such as, for example, grassophobia ).

The possibility that a woman can develop a sense of attachment to her own body.
Until you get to talk to him.
Until you get to know him.
There are wounds that can be healed through listening to one’s own body.
Do not underestimate his voice, give him the floor, to finally listen to him.